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Animal vs Plant Protein – Essential nutritional differences

Our bodies need protein for critical functions and performance of many bodily operations. We can get protein from both animal and plant sources and there has become popular interest regarding which is better. Read More

Do vaccines really work or do they sicken you?

We were taught in high school that vaccines have saved millions of lives in America and Europe. One of the greatest heroes of modern medicine is Louis Pasteur, the creator of the “germ theory,” the ideological foundation for vaccines. But the real history of vaccines, and the real story of Louis Pasteur, is something quite different.  In his early career, Pasteur did believe that germs were the cause of disease. Read More

Don’t worry about worry!

Are you well balanced emotionally? Do you have a genuine respect for the rights of others? Do you try to discover your true relationship with others? Read More

Onions – Potent smelling veggie

It’s the vegetable that can make you cry. Onions are part of the A llium  genus of flowering plants which includes garlic, leeks, and chives. A medium onion only has 44 calories, so they’re super low for your daily budget, but are nutritionally packed. Read More

Be careful what you eat

When I was a little kid growing up in Newark, I had a problem – sugar. I could never get enoughRead More

What to eat and avoid.

Throughout years of writing articles and for 40 plus years on the radio, a vegan diet has always been stressed, focusing on organically grown foods for optimum health. Back in the “dark ages” of health in the early 1980’s, there was little information linking adverse health conditions to diet. Now, despite the nonsense of the pharmaceutical industry, the Fraud and Drug Administration, and the medical community in general, more and more evidence is appearing showing a causal relationship between lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, eliminating constipation, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and even cancer, by adhering to a whole food, vegan diet. Read More

The nightmare named Obama!

First of all, the Bilderbergs and not the people, elected Obama. At this point we are all aware of the fact that he and Hillary disappeared for a few days and when they came back Hillary bowed out but became Secretary of State. I guess that’s the reward for being a “hooker”. Read More

Why flu vaccines don’t work.

There are some interesting parallels between what we ingest and the consistent transformation of the flu virus. With the latest dietary guidelines calling for three servings of low fat or non fat dairy a day, the average family with two kids now consumes more than 85 gallons of milk a year. Read More

Is there anyone we can really trust?

“Today we have more information and knowledge about the cure and prevention of disease than ever before in the history of mankind. The advancements that have been made in just the last few years have given us new insights about the treatment and prevention of virtually all illness and disease, making it safe to reach two major conclusions: Even though just ten years ago we thought we knew the proper treatments of illness, we now know just how little we knew back then. With these revolutionary breakthroughs in technology, virtually all illness and disease should be wiped out in America within the next ten yearsRead More

Do you really like being kept sick?

What ticks me off the most is that the people think the FDA is on their side. The problem is that what they do and what the “tricks” think they do are like night and day. Read More