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Your Lymph Nodes Tell You How Sick You Actually Are

How Many Times Have You Had Swollen Lymph Nodes? Read More

Stanford Study: A Clear Link Between Breast Cancer Chemo, Chemo Brain and Brain Abnormalities

A breast cancer diagnosis can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. The decisions related to course of treatment are important and intensely personal. Doctors, family members and others may chime in, but only YOU know what is right for you. Read More

How to Deal with Migraine Headaches

It only takes one or two full-blown migraines to make a person ready to try just about anything to make them go away. In the United States, more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Almost 5 million experience at least one migraine attack per month, while more than 11 million blame migraines for causing … Continue reading How to Deal with Migraine Headaches The post How to Deal with Migraine Headaches appeared first on Top 10 Home Remedies Read More

Humans to Merge with Machines? The Implantation and Function of Neural Lace Brain Chip Technology

The futuristic concept of using brain chip implants to merge humans and computers has been the goal of transhumanism and a staple of science fiction fantasy for years. Now that fantasy, touted by several tech billionaires, to create true computer to brain interface may soon be a reality. Read More

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Arms

If you are plagued with annoying bumps on your arms, you are not alone. Many people suffer from this common skin condition known as keratosis pilaris, also called ‘chicken skin’. Apart from the arms, these skin bumps can be found on the thighs, cheeks or buttocksRead More

Massive Civil Disobedience Against the New York State S.A.F.E. Act Again! Government is Powerless Without the Consent of the Governed

The New York State S.A.F.E. Act ,which stands for Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, has been a monumental failure because the people of New York State simply have not gone along with the most oppressive act of gun control in the nationRead More

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

The neck is a common area of cosmetic concern for both men and women. In fact, many people visit cosmetic clinics worldwide to get excess fat in the neck and chin areas removedRead More

Why you need your minerals

Like vitamins, minerals are micronutrients, which our bodies require, in small but steady supplies. As micronutrients, the importance of minerals in our diet is far greater than the required amount indicates. Read More

Vitamin sources and what they do

Vitamins are essential for the body to be able to put the nutrients in food to use. Because vitamins are not produced by the body, we have to get them through the food that we also eat! Our bodies only need a certain amount of vitamins, which can be provided by eating reasonable amounts of foods that contain those vitamins. This certainly makes more sense to me than eating all kinds of refined, vitamin-depleted foods and then guzzling vitamin supplement pills to make up for itRead More

How To Survive Long Flights

Screaming children, sold-out sweets, and a stomach-churning headache is something we’ve all experienced on a long flight. But you no longer have to suffer, even if you miss out on the favored window seat. Read More