Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are getting a lot of positive attention these days while man-made medicines are now receiving a lot of negative press.

To a great extent this has been brought upon by the many cases of negative side effects that might cause more harm than good. People are now rediscovering the goodness of what is natural and chemical-free.

Knowing that these Natural Remedies have been used for centuries upon centuries already makes them more reliable than prescription drugs for many people. Also, the fact that the list of benefits hugely overrates the harm, which rarely happens, gives a great reason to give it at least a try. Nothing is lost and everything is to be gained.

But who’s to say which is really best for us, regular or natural remedies ? Many or most of us generally rely on doctors to tell us what to do and which medicine to use. Well, this is the best choice, but seeking a second opinion may also be very recommendable especially if your doctor couldn’t or is having a hard time curing you.

There are a lot of differences between regular prescription medicines and natural remedies. But the main factor that drives people away is not only their price difference but also their effectiveness and the barrage of side effects. Natural alternative medicine has been proven and tested over many centuries.

Aside from the herbs and spices and teas, natural remedies and cures can be coupled with massages, mental exercises such as meditation, aromatherapies and so much more. Many regular medicines have come and gone but natural remedies have lived on. The main reason for this is because we know that they work.

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