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Pharmaceutical Drug Commercials – You’ll Never Look at them the same

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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously – A Healthy Sense of Humor May Prolong Your Life

Have you ever noticed how comedians tend to live long lives?  Take the iconic Bob Hope and George Burns, for instance. Both men lived to be 100 years old!  What if the key to living longer lives was not taking life too seriously, but harboring a healthy sense of humor and kindly laughing at the challenges life throws our way?  A recent study conducted over a fifteen year period may just be proof that having a healthy sense of humor can actually prolong our lives. The benefits of laughter are well known, and many studies have been conducted to show the benefits of laughter.  There are even seminars taught at hospitals about how “Laughter is Good Medicine.”  Laughter: Increases oxygen intake and blood flow Reduces blood pressure Decreases cortisol levels, alleviating stress, tension and anxiety Minimizes inflammation Protects the heart and strengthens blood vessels Boosts the immune system Relieves pain Triggers the release of endorphins, promoting a sense of well-being In his book Anatomy of an Illness , Norman Cousins even describes how he was even able to cure himself of a degenerative spinal condition, simply by watching old comedy movies and laughing! In the spring of 2016, a new study was published by Norwegian researchers that confirmed that having a sense of humor was positively correlated to living a longer life.  They tracked 53,556 participants over a fifteen year period, and scored their level of humor, cross correlating that with heart diseases, infections, cancer and lung diseasesRead More

Ramdev Yoga Natural Home Remedies Methods to cure Acidity Baba Ramdev

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Natural remedies that work: nr 1 anxiety/panic attacks

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