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Who are the worst drug pushers?

The American medical profession, made up of the Doctor-Hospital-Big Pharma-commercial industry complex, is the largest pusher of poison chemical drugs in the world. Roughly 90 percent of American medical doctors are poisoners and murderers and certainly not healersRead More

Revolutionizing Workspaces: The Power of Big Industrial Fan in 2024

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial environments, the significance of efficient climate control solutions cannot be overstated. As we step into 2024, the demand for robust and energy-efficient solutions has led to a surge in the popularity of big industrial fan Read More

Who and what you really are!

Different people identify themselves in different ways and according to how they identify themselves, they see a different purpose in life. For instance, the vast majority of people identify themselves to be the bodyRead More

4 Secrets To A Happy Relationship and Healthy Life

Beneath the surface of every successful relationship lies a range of practices that keep a bond strong over time. Read More

The nightmare named Obama!

First of all, the Bilderbergs and not the people, elected Obama. At this point we are all aware of the fact that he and Hillary disappeared for a few days and when they came back Hillary bowed out but became Secretary of State. I guess that’s the reward for being a “hooker”. Read More

Do we really have to make big pharma richer?

For the answer to this question we have to go back in time. We are generally raised in a family that was raised in a family that lacked sufficient information to eat properly. Upon growing up, in my formative years in the 40s and 50s, not knowing squat about the proper way to eat, the diet I was faced with was bacon and eggs or Cheerio’s for breakfast and two squares a day of meat and potatoes, except for Fridays, which we usually ate dairy products. Read More

The Perpetual Pandemic

A Pandemic of Cases In 2009, just prior to the ‘Swine Flu’ outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) changed the definition of what constitutes a pandemic by eliminating “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses” as a necessary criteria. Since then, as we’ve seen, a “pandemic” can be declared solely on numbers of cases. [1] What we have experienced these past two years is in no way a pandemic under the traditional definition of the word. Instead, we have been treated to a pandemic of cases made possible by notoriously faulty tests — with the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) being the most widely usedRead More

The Polio vaccine rollout–the 40,000 injured kids, the secret contamination with cancer-causing monkey viruses, and the surge in cancer cases 30…

The Polio Vaccine, like all others, came about because of public demand for it. Public demand comes down to one word: Fear. Read More

Delicious Beef Chili

With the winter chill and Super Bowl this weekend, it’s a great time to make a hot pot of healthy chili. With more time spent eating at home these days, several weeks ago I scoured the internet for healthy versions of a meat based chili recipeRead More

Are cancer patients at higher risk of COVID-19? What can we do?

It is incredible, to say the least, everything that is happening worldwide. Undoubtedly it is hard to believe that this is even realRead More